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Real Estate Market in US Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Real Estate Market in US - Essay Example Working of the Real Estate Markets: Real estate investment trusts (REITs) have become major sources of financing for property acquisition and development. Sources of financing have been steadily moving from cabals of private investors to public equity, in the form of REITs. With this shift has come more transparency in the market and a slow whittling away of the old boys network for which real estate investment is infamous. This transparency also shines a critical light on investment strategies, which are now subject to public scrutiny, and are therefore more accountable to the will of investors. process. Residential real estate agents have traditionally provided a bundle of services to both buyers and sellers. For example, the local multiple listing service (MLS), which is a directory of listings typically maintained and paid for by local real estate firms, enables sellers to list their properties and buyers and agents to view these properties. Agents also often help with marketing a house through advertising and open houses, negotiating a price, and addressing contracting and closing issues. Examples include helping with inspections, mortgage insurance, and financing, to mention a few. Role of the Real Estate Market in the Society: The real estate mar... Real Estate business has helped in developing the huge shopping complexes, multiplexes, school buildings and many more. A good commercial real estate broker doesn't just find or sell property, the broker works like a member of the business owner's team to help fulfill business objectives for today and down the road. The real estate market gives us both the high densities of Manhattan and the sprawl of Los Angeles. The major difference between the two configurations is in the extent of regional sprawl and auto use. Another new feature of the real estate market is the growth of national real estate companies, and the appearance of several large publicly-traded corporations that specialize in real estate investment and sale. In addition, corporate investors from Europe and Asia have invaded parts of American territory. However, no matter what conceits the investors may have, these corporations don't create land value; they only trade in it. They adjust their strategies to local real estate markets, and only minimally contribute to shaping them. They join local landed interests in forming the foundation of pro-growth blocs. The many working class property owners reap minimal returns from their investments and are at greatest risk of displacement; they are even more the subject of market forces beyond their immediate control Apart from this the Real Estates Business provides employment opportunities to thousands of people. They employ people at various levels from the top management level to the bottom worker level. Even many uneducated people find the jobs in this sector. However, the jobs at lower levels are mostly of temporary nature. Effect of the Real Estate Market on Government Policies: Transnational investors may play the